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Francesco Di Benedetto is a New York-based photographer who was born and grew up in Italy. He holds a BA in Media Studies from the Sapienza University of Rome with a thesis in Queer Studies. The core of his research was the analysis of a counterculture artistic project that, by revisiting and distorting the mainstream culture of the LGBTQ community, gave birth to an alternative imaginary.

Since relocating to New York in 2012, Francesco has devoted himself to investigating the medium of photography, attending advanced classes at the International Center of Photography and at the Pratt Institute. Photography has allowed him to satisfy both his academic interests and his need for creative expression. This multidisciplinary approach has led him to develop a distinctive style strongly focused on storytelling, documentary and portrait photography.

In November 2017 Francesco began working on “And so it happened”, a photo essay composed of portraits and interviews of people living with HIV and people on PrEP. Besides New York City, he has spent time in Baltimore, Washington D.C, San Francisco, and Los Angeles with the purpose of documenting this crucial moment in the history of the fight against HIV/AIDS.


Mobile: +1 917 982 1562